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There are numerous articles on the internet for you read, but which one is real? Do you think these people who wrote those articles have tried what they have typed?

In HealthyTalk.net, we are different from them. We try what we said before we put up onto the website. There are numerous health diets that we have tried and worked for 1000 of students. We used to be in a class, using group chat to communicate.

However, we are bringing this information to the world to create awareness of the importance of the type of food they eat. What you eat is what you get.

Stay tuned with our websites as we will be uploading more health-related articles onto our facebook page and group!


Many Health-Related Courses Coming Up...

Other than educating people through articles, we also do have educational health-related courses for those who want to learn more about their health. This will be a free-and-easy online course for adults. You can go at your own pace. You may opt for a classroom to take up the course, but FYI it will be in Mandarin.

These courses will not take longer than 3 months and they mainly focus more on detoxing, understanding your digestive system, change your diet meal plan, how to have a healthy lifestyle, and so on. By joining our courses, you will be eligible to join our Facebook Group to get more advises from our experts.

By the end of the course, as an appreciation for your efforts, we will conduct a graduation ceremony in our classroom for you and your coursemates.

We Are a Community

We are not just an website that kept on giving you information, without actually interacting with you. We will personally speak and interact with our audience and students to learn more about you.

Our students are usually gathered in our Facebook Group, where it felt like a home to them. They learn together, communicate with each other, motivate one another and detox together.

Every educator wants the best for their students and also to keep them determined with what they are doing for their health. You will be guided and loved in our caring community.


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