90 Days Oil Detox Programme

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90 Days Oil Detox Programme

Hi there!

You must be brought to here because you wanted to know about how does this detoxing programme works.

This is a 90 Days Oil Detox Programme. Yes, you hear me no wrong. This is not a green smoothie, ketone or whichever detox you have ever heard of. This Oil Detoxing is something unique that you can hardly find on the internet.

This is a self-innovation programme by a nutritionist. For your information, this programme has already been conducted since 2017 for many classes. It has reached and helped over 1000 people in Singapore. However, it is conducted in Mandarin.

I have personally attended these classes and it has changed my health 360 degrees. I was so grateful with all the help that the nutritionist has helped me. I felt this information should be shared with those who need this piece of valuable information to improve their health in spite of being 20, 30, 40, or even 70 years old.

With the help of the nutritionist, this programme has translated and internet-based to suit busy working adult's needs. You will be required to complete small tasks required in the module. We would like to appreciate all your efforts from day 1 to 90. Therefore, once you have completed these modules, you and your family will be invited to our physical classroom and given certificates at the end of the course with the rest of our students.

All the course materials will be provided in this package. Videos, e-books, live cookery lessons, school event, and etc.

Although we have yet to launch it, you can sign up for our pre-course. There will be freebies and HUGE discounts for our early birds.

Click here to join us!

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