About Us

by healthytalk

Hi, there! Good to see you!

My name is Stella and I am also the founder of HealthyTalk.net. This is a website mainly for health-related articles. I do also have my own youtube channel for HealthyTalk.net

You can actually find me on facebook if you want to!

My Story

I used to eat junk food for 70% of the time until I realized something is wrong with my body. I fell sick easily, feel weak at work, endless sinus, constipation, mood swings and all you can name it. Even if I go to the doctor, they will always tell me that I am fine. How can it be?

From then onwards, I take more notice of the food that I eat and my daily routines. Many research has been done but I can find myself healing gradually. Until I met this nutritionist by fate, my life changed. It made me into a more health conscious person and I would like to share what I have learned that worked with people around the world.

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