About Us

So there are a lot of platforms that you will come across the web in one way or the other that will be talking about women health problems. But you would be amazed to know that the administrators of those platforms have more men than women.

This is when it becomes a bit tricky! Women do wish to have a platform that is controlled by women so that they can openly discuss and share their issues. It has a lot to do the nature of health issues they might be having and the queries that can’t be possibly resolved by any man.

What healthtalk.net is about?

This is why we have healthtalk.net for you! This is a platform for the women and by a woman that considers it her duty to make sure that majority of your problems are interested.

You all might be thinking on the domain of this platform as if what all will it encompass?

Well, it is mostly about common health issues such as weight loss, hair loss, depression, detox, etc. It is all about women in the first place!

And what makes me suitable for being a guide to you all?

Well, if I don’t appear too much bragging about myself, I am quite a fit woman with experience in the education field. I am also happy to live a healthy life so far and would love to make sure that other women also live the same!

For that purpose, you can expect the following from me.

  • Health tips: In this, I would be focusing on general health tips and would be discussing the common issues women may have and how to treat them well. I would also be sharing a lot of healthy tips for women of all age brackets so make sure you get to follow us.
  • Weight loss: It is another of the very delicate matters and I can assure you the biggest ones as well. Most women start gaining weight after they marry or due to a sedentary lifestyle, thus making them grow out of figure. If you are one of these, just keep visiting our website to know more and more exercises and dietary advice on how can you lose weight fast.
  • Health guides: We will also be writing roundups by different doctors on the trending issues of women health and will look forward to providing value straight from the experts’ mouth as well. We aim to get as many experts to share their views on specific topics so that women get a good idea too.
  • Stories: Off and on, we will also be sharing stories of women that have fought back through most lethal diseases or have made considerable process in the weight loss arena by constant effort and dedication. This will be all for motivating others and giving the successful ones a chance to be praised and admired.

In short, I can assure you that it will be going to be an excellent platform for all women so make sure you stay connected!