10 Methods to Lose Weight for Working Women

Losing weight has been one of the main concerns among the world. With the fast pace that the world is growing, the people tends to get stressed easily such as at work, school and home. There are many reasons and possibilities why people are growing fat. It could be your health issues, low metabolism or unhealthy diets.

  1. Water Detox

This has been a popular method in Japan that many of them are using. Basically, you drink 4-5 glasses of water in the morning, right after you woke up from sleep, and wait for 45mins before your first breakfast. This is to help to active your metabolism to burn more calories for up to 40% than usual. For the time you wake up in the morning, it’s called the “Golden Hour” where all your body systems start to start its work.

There are plenty health benefits for water detox. For example, improving your digestion, increase your metabolism, lose weight as you burn more calories, stay energetic and keep you away from diseases! Japanese believes in natural healing and detox.

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  1. Green Smoothie Detox

Its time for you to stay healthy so that you can get rid of those unwanted fats without much efforts. Green smooth detox is where you blend the healthy vegetables and a bit (just a bit) of fruits to keep it tasty. All you have to do is to drink it whenever you are free! You can blend these vegetables and divide it into 3 meals. You can drink it with or without your meal.

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These smoothies are full of fibre. They are going to improve your digestion so that you can poop smoothly. This is extremely suitable for working adults or mothers who have very busy schedule. It is super easy to prepare and stay healthy as and when you need.

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  1. Eat Regular Meals

There are many of us who are working has a very busy schedule. This includes skipping meals and doing less exercises. But, you cannot continue to skip your meals! You can eat 3 regular meals daily. Regular means small portion. You do not eat huge meals, otherwise the rest of the fats will be stored to the undesirable places in your body!

By skipping meals, your metabolism will learn to grow slower and digest your food lesser. This means that the next meal you take, it will cause your stomach to digest 10-20% lesser nutrient and these 10-20% will be stored as fats. Imagine storing 10-20% of fats daily, how fat will you be?

Therefore, it is important to eat 3 regular meals. This allows your stomach to keep its metabolism working and ensures that all the nutrients in your food will be transferred to respective body parts, instead of storing them as fats.

  1. Plan Your Meals

If you are really serious into losing weight and willing to put in efforts into it, you should totally plan your meals. You know when you are busy, you eat anything that is easy, convenient and tasty to eat because probably you have loss your appetite for tasteless (probably healthy) food. And, you also know that it should not work out this way because of what your weighing machine is telling you.

You should avoid oily, fried, super salty, spicy or heavy tasting food. What you should eat are things that are much healthier and it could encourage your body to remove those toxics naturally. For example, fruits, berries, eggs, nuts, vegetables, fish and so on. The cooking method matters because fried vs. steam fish makes a huge difference in what is going to happen in your body!

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  1. Yoga

You can go for yoga classes too! There are numerous health benefits that you can get from yoga. It promotes healthy lifestyle by reducing calories and speeding your weight losing. It can increase your metabolism as it increases the burning process in your stomach. By twisting and stretching, it allows energy to flow through your body and prevents blockage of your nutrients, which possibly could be stored as fats if it doesn’t reach its destination.

It is not really that difficult to yoga, unless you have not been stretching for months. You can look into youtube or join yoga classes for weight loss yoga!

  1. Fitness Programme

This is the most popular way to lose weight. You can hear at least one of your friends to be going for fitness programme. As you know, by shaking and pushing your weights off could help you to burn more calories.

Do not forget to eat healthily too! It comes in a package. If you exercise and continue to eat high fats food, your efforts will go into waste.

Go and sign up for a fitness class!

  1. Weight Losing Supplements

Some people have really busy schedule that they could not for go fitness or yoga classes. But do not worry, there are some weight losing supplements that really helps. It does not only help you to lose weight but to keep your body healthy too. Such as, if you are those kinds that loves to eat fast food, oily food, or fried food, then by helping you to lose appetites, it will prevent you from eating more of such junk food.

For some people who has constipation problems (for that is the reason why your weight gained), lose weight supplement helps you to push out your poops more effectively than your body can do currently.

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  1. Weight Losing Cream

Some people might have gotten the wrong cream that gives no effects at all. But, there are definitely some that is able to help people to burn off those weights and flaps.

I did not believe that cream could help others to burn off the weight, until I saw this shop posting different testimonies on their customers love it. It is quite tempting that I gave off a try. It gives burning sensation and I can see my flaps being tightened and smaller. I was really amazed!

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  1. Stay Happy, and Stress Free

This is the most important factor among the rest of the methods. You need to stay happy so that you are motivated to do many things, for example going for yoga class, taking weight losing supplements regularly or doing vegetable detox determinedly.

Furthermore, if you are taking up too much stress, you will probably get yourself into more fat-troubles. You are not motivated to do anything and continuously working, having less time for yourself. Sometimes even if you do not eat anything for a day, it could possibly get you fatter! You metabolism will slow down and the next time you eat your food, more fats will be stored.

So remember to get yourself happy by going to do something that you love, hobby, going out with friends, and so on.

10 Methods to Lose Weight for Working Women10 Methods to Lose Weight for Working Women

Happy Weight Losing!

Importance of Water Detox

Importance of Water Detoxing

You must have heard about water detoxing and that’s why you are here. You might have done some research on water detox. It is mostly about drinking water and the right timing to do so.

Water is a importance source for consumption as it keeps your healthy and hydrated. There were some reports about a 50 years old lady who looked as young as her daughters.

The purpose of water detoxing is to remove toxins from your body, improve immune system, and even lose weight. It has been well practiced in Japan too, with using just plain water. Let us take a look in what’s Water Detoxing.

Japan’s Water Detoxing

This detox is initially created for those with unhealthy gut. It is to help to cleanse your stomach and improve your digestion. Japanese Traditional Medicine (JTM) suggested to drink right after you woke up from sleep. Morning hours are believed to be the ‘Golden Hours’, where your body starts it’s engine. After a period of time doing Water Detoxing, it can help keep you hydrated, loss weight, improve digestion and also to cure your various health problems.

Modern Water Detox

It is basically about drink huge amount of water at the appropriate timing. It has proven a lot of health benefits as you are using the most efficient and cheapest method to get your body cleansed.

For some people, they would prefer to soak fruits, vegetables, herbs to increase the vitamins. Lemon water detoxing has been very popular over this decade as lemon provides a lot of health benefits too.

Note: You don’t blend the fruits, but infuse the fruits.

Otherwise, plain water is good enough and purer since plain water was used from the start. Fruits infusing was added on by the modern world at a later stage.


Let’s see why does water detox helps you in many different health benefits.

  1. Weight Loss

Yes, it helps you to loss weight. It has been shown scientifically that it will improve your metabolism rate, so that you burn more calories and less storing fats. Just with half a liter of water, it can raise your metabolism about 20%-30% for approximately an hour.

If you were to drink recommended glasses of water for weight losing purpose, you would lose more weight than those who don’t. Those who drank half a liter of water before each meals lost 40% more weight than those who don’t.

Another reason why it helps you in losing weight, it reduce your appetite and hunger so that you don’t eat more than needed. With the rise in your metabolism, you will burn those unnecessary fats that you eat from your food!

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  1. Enhance Digestive System

For the reason why you get constipation, it’s because that you are so dehydrated that your poop cannot come out smoothly. Without liquid in your poop, it will be as hard as a rock and create more friction for you to push it out. Therefore, it’s important to stay hydrated so that you can maintain regular bowl routines.

Constipations could cause you to have uncomfortable stomach, feeling bloated and gassy. By using water detox, it will keep you hydrated and also to ensure toxic are being gotten rid of, before it starts to accumulate.

  1. Increase Mood and Energy levels

Being dehydrated, you will feel more fatigue than before. This will also lead to your body to be comfortable, such as sore throat, chesty cough, and infected urine. Due to the discomforts, it could easily cause you to be frustrated easily as you are not feeling well.

It has been proven that hydration levels can increase at least 1% of your mood, concentration and reduce migraines. Adults, who consumes water less than 1.2 liters a day, changed their habits to drink 2.5 liters per day were shown happier, energetic and relaxed.

For the reason why you have mood swings, it could probably be because you are dehydrated and your body needs more water!

  1. And, Other Benefits
  • Cure diseases
  • Relief stress
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Boost metabolism
  • Balance pH
  • Enhance skin complexion
  • Etc…..

How to Make Detox Water

  1. Drink 4 to 6 glasses of warm water on empty stomach, approximately 150-200ml. Optional: You may add lemon juice in it.
  2. Brush your teeth after drinking water.
  3. Fast for 45mins, before your breakfast.
  4. Proceed with your daily routine.
  5. After every meal, avoid drinking or eating for at least two hours.
  6. Before sleep, gargle at least 4-5 times of warm salt water


  • If you are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at a go, give a pause for few minutes before the next glass of water.
  • If elders who are having severe illness, they could start drinking one glass of water daily and increase the glass eventually.
  • Do at least one hour of walking daily
  • Avoid eating while standing, because it will slow down your digestion
  • Do not gulp the food as a whole, but chew it properly before swollen. It will be easier to digest in small pieces.


If you were to ask me, should I use infuse the fruits or just use plain water for this detox programme? I would prefer Mineral Water that comes from natural places, but otherwise plain water is good enough. As far as I know, it has all been started out with plain mineral water.

For those who are working a full-time job like me, then infusing fruits could waste a lot of time because your groceries. It’s really up to individual. Some people would prefer more vitamins in their drinks, it’s fine too.


Happy Water Detoxing!

Importance of Water DetoxImportance of Water Detox